To make your vehicle last longer, have the engine occasionally maintained and repaired. The engine can malfunction because of the wear and tear of its mileage, poor engine maintenance, problems with lubrication and excessive overheating. Be cautious when your “Check Engine” light is flashing, excessive smoke from the tailpipe, knocking or tapping sounds, low oil pressure, low compression, the mixture of water and oil, oil gets into the air cleaner and radiator.

If your vehicle is starting to experience these symptoms, have a full inspection. There are three different methods of repairing the engine.

Ring and valve job is the least expensive of the three methods. This method of repair is needed for an engine that has a defect in the loss of compression in its cylinders or the engine is burning oil. The method includes head removal and rebuilt, piston removal and re-ringing, cylinder walls honing and rod bearing replacement. This method only repairs the part that has defects, and leave as it is the good ones.

Second Method:

The second method is the in-house rebuild, this can fix any problem of the engine. The engine is detached from the car, the head is then rebuilt, drill the cylinders, new pistons, and timing components, deck the block and replace the rod, main bearings and freeze plugs.

The rebuilt exchange is the third and most expensive method. Everything will be repaired in the vehicle, whether it is needed or not. We recently had this issue with a regular client of ours Wenatchee Tree Services 

To prevent going thru with these expensive repairs, do a preventive maintenance. Change the oil regularly, use the appropriate oil to be used and avoid using snake oil additives. Warm up the engine before driving, if you own a turbo-charged engine cool down the engine, these methods are to allow the oil to circulate on the bearings and avoid the oil from gumming up.